i'll post today
i actually and honestly don't know what date is today :)
i dont care :D
talking bout stuffs,
i dunno. i'm just stupid today.
i don't have anything in mind right now.

just wanna feature the onion heads:D
they're so cute :D

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i'm back :D topic:sort of scouting.

it's been two weeks that i haven't been posting here in my bloggie :D
actually the reason is i had a dengue fever :(
soo bad.
i wasn't able to enroll on my scheduled date but thanks
to my mom, she was able to move it. hahahha
the power of MOMS! hahahahha
but the most devastating part is...
I wasn't able to serve during the 5th National Rover Moot!!
(sayang ang mga keks.... ug si..... ) huhuhuhuhhuhuh
it was my dream to become a staff at that camp!!!!!

but while i was SICK, i had the chance to make some realizations in my life
maybe, it wasn't really my dream after all!
I wasn't able to serve but i don't feel so bad.
I just feel ok.. hahaha....
being a scout doesn't mean by merely joining and becoming
staffs during campings and being very BOASTFUL(without even knowing it) that you had a high position in your unit.(i mean duh!!!!!! there are some officers and alumni out there that still feel they are still our ma'ams and sirs. Duh!!!!! and some people think that they are the most important scout in the council! wake up! your just a student! they've been running this organization for a hundred years and your still in heaven? or hell that time. so don't think they can't go on without you fcuk off!)
*sorry bout that. i just wanna burst my emotions*
back to the topic....

Scouting is:

actually keeping, spreading and applying the values and the knowledge
that i have learned. :D

as the saying goes...

Once a Scout, Always a Scout :D



i hope she reads this :D

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dental char2 day!

i just had my dental whatever you may call it :D today.
i had it cleaned and " gipa-pasta"(sorry don't know the scientific term hehe)

it was my first time..
i was quite nervous coz im afraid of pain and blood!!!! hahahaha

I arrived at the clinic around 11 am and i was on the hot seat around 1 pm.
so many customers! yeah :)

It took the doctor 3!!! hours!!! for my teeth! haha...
(that wasn't suprising, she had a telebabad call within my dental char2)
She's just so annoying T_T
It was so hard opening your mouth for that very long time
I thought I will have a lock jaw T_T
i haven't eaten my breakfast and lunch pa

My dental char2 finished around 4 pm!! (See?? how long was it??)
and it really cost alot!!
I thought my parents would kill me for having a bill of 4,000.

After that I had my check up regarding my cough T_T
I was soo stupid whenever the doctor asks me how long was my cough, what was the color of the phlegm.
I look to my mom and see if shee can answer!! hahaha

After that, we bought medcines and I ate my BREAKFAST.LUNCH.DINNER!!! all in one! hahaha.. T_T

So that was it..
lesson learned:
"Eat before going to the doctor!" hahahaha

P.S. To be followed is my picture!with my new clean teeth! hahaha

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lipat bahay. :D

yes yes!!

we're transferring to an new house!!! Oh I mean they only. T_T. Our new house is quite far from the downtown. hehehe....I'll still be living in our apartment for 4 years!! and its going to be a boarding house. I'll live with the new boarders which all of them were girls *sigh* no keks. T_T and with by younger brother.

Currently, they're busy transferring our things, etc. while me?? I'm sitting in front of this computer and blogging. hahahaha... I just don't like carrying heavy stuffs.. why should I?

Anyway, I'm out of words. hehehe..
till next. :)

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farewell party.?

oh yeah :D

we had our farwell party today, uhmm april 7,2008. hahahaha uhm honestly I cant call it a farewell it's rather more of an outing. Our first and i hope not to be the last outing. I haven't felt the essence of it. hahaha... there were lots of killjoys.argh! it just proves that we were not that really united. But looking into the brighter side, a lot of us actually joined!!! YEY!!! I was expecting only 15-20 classmates coz the venue is quite far. I mean it's really far!!!hahahaha.. I enjoyed more the preparation than the "outing" itself. hahahaha. I was stupid for waking up around 7:30 am.( hehehe our plan was to see each other at the central bank around 6 am) hahaha. Anyway, they end up going at our house. hehe...misay, ruben,adelle,sheena and i were responsible for the food and the souvenir(actually it was we who voluntereed what can you expect from our classmates??? especially the PRESIDENT and the VICE... *sigh* as the secretary i have to work) back to the topic. the food and the tarp were the only preparations we had. a program was planned but it was just a thought. hehehehe..
I was happy yet annoyed walking far distances over and over for the food and the tarp. We actually toured the Gaisano South mall during that time.. hahaha just to kill the time ocz we were waiting for the things we need. It's just like all of a sudden were so obsessed with the number 11. hahaha.. everything we say we find ways to look for the 11. (sort of a resemblance form the movie number 23). our card number was 38 so 3+8=11, the plate number of the bus was 38=3+8=11, the truck was 713 7+1+3=11, the road we've gone was km 11, hahaha... we observed all these! :)

Now that everything is over, i'll surely miss my classmates!!!.. we've been together for 4 years and we've shared alot of trials, foolishness and happiness!. I'll miss HighSchool life! It was the best :D

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Introducing MYSELF


What about me??

Uhmm. Im this kind of person whose totally RANDOM!I mean a 101%.
I don’t know why. I sort of adopt what is in.
Eeeeeeeeep! Wait! That doesn’t mean I actually those eeekie stuffs
Like drinking alcohol, smoking and whatsoever.
What I mean by being this so called in…
Is being able to adopt what my environment’s attitude is.
I mean uhm…If I’m placed in a situation I can easily blend to it.
Honestly, I am just very simple.
Basic things can satisfy and make me happy :D
I once belonged to a group of intellectually?-Gifted but idiotic-natured people called “ CREAM of the CRAP “.
That’s why the lives of those people they are also CRAP!
They are just the fa├žade to cover the crap beneath it.
Good thing I’m through with it. I actually GRADUATED from it ahahhaha… such an achievement.
I find KEKS hunting a very difficult yet worthwhile hobby
hahaha hahaha haha(that’s what makes me a BI)
I see to it that I can see one every day! Hahaha hahaha haha
(compliments to ena!!! She loves to introduce one whenever you want !).
Another side of me is kinda realistic ( ‘coz the other just plainly stupid I make my own world.) I’m an open-minded person.
I try to understand every person that comes in and out of my life… their problems, environment and attitude because that’s what makes them who they are. I do that basically because I don’t want to judge them. The truth is I’m afraid of being judged or I just want to appear neutral to everyone. I can’t help to fish compliments (I am very true to it) I just don’t know why. Maybe I just lack of it.I’m not so close to my family nor to anybody because as what I have said I want to appear neutral. BUT! I want to stand out! Yet I am afraid to do so T_T.
I am very addicted to movies tackling about natural calamities where in science has more input in it.I love 10.5 and 10.5 Apocalypse! I recommend those two movies. (watch it and you’ll know it). Aside from the latter reason, I just love those movies because I’m amazed by the courage of the rescuers. They actually risk their lives for others. A very good example of it is the Perfect Storm. I admire the navy, air force, military rescuers.I wanna be one Someday! I always dreamt of being the Doctor Soldier during wars!
but I do not hope wars to come!Haaay that was easy for me to tell about it but I’m actually a coward just thinking the challenges you encounter to attain it. I hate challenges. (*sigh*) NO! I don’t hate challenges but rather I hate failing the challenge. I’m afraid of failures, though I believe that can make me a better person…

Currently I am constructing a new or just let me say a better me!
A Jenny that speaks her own ideas.
A Jenny that fights for what she believes is Right.
And a coward Jenny that wants to prove something to create a change.

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