that was weird.

I didn't feel posting to my blog
for a while.

i feel blank.

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weeee... fire!!!


i'm sooo happy coz i'm very very lucky today!!! weee!!!

Around 4 pm, my aunt's boarding house and some boarding houses to were burned!!

Thank God that everybody is safe :D especially the keks!! hahahaha

Around 6 pm when their landlord(my aunt's friend) asked permission to my mom(well he called her on the phone) if ever they could stay at our house for the meantime. :D weee. my mom agreed ofcourse :D

i'm just so happy that they will be sleepy in put house(in different room of course).
I just can;t believe it... keks in our house!! weee.. hahahahhahahahahahha


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errr... college.


I'm now facing a new episode in my life.
I'm already at college!!!
that's 101%!!!

I just enrolled last May 6, 2008. hahaha..
so tiring yet fulfilling.
I have never encountered such hilarious day.

I am an official San Pedro College BS in Nursing Freshman
(i don't really like my course though*sigh*)
I had my id right after i enrolled.. weeee

I'm quite nervous yet excited.
A lot of questions are popping into my mind.

Oh dear. I just hope that i'll achieve my goal this college :D

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too bad.

may 5, 2008....
7:30 am..
i woke up.
i've been idle for about 10 minutes.
my mother went inside my room.
She said i have to leave immediately.
i was shocked.
i ran into the bathroom.
I took a bath.
I opened my closet.
I put on my clothes.
I asked for money.
She hesitantly gave me.
I got out of our house.
I rode the tricycle.
I rode the jeepney.
I walked to the apartment.
I looked for my good moral.
But it was nowhere to be found.
I went to the school(DCNHS).
I asked for one.
I went to principal's office.
The principal saw me at once.
She said she will not sign my good moral.
I wanted to cry.
She will not sign until the narrative report is done.
I was flabbergasted.
I said jeremiah has submitted it before.
She said she hasn't received any.
I was put on the spot.
I said i'll contact jeremiah and ask him why.
I promised to give a report tomorrow.
I left the office and sighed.
I saw myla and karen.
They said jeremiah will come.
I waited for him for an hour.
And yes! he finally came.
I asked him where's the report.
He said he haven't printed it yet.
I was shocked and annoyed.
Coz he told me he gave it before.
He gave to the principal of course.
Yet he said it was just a joke.
I got angry.
I thought i was a fool.
I believed in his unworthy words.
What can i expect he's a politician.
I wanted to pass the report today.
But the principal has the meeting with the board.
So i went home depressed.
I can't endure the stress.
I have no confidence to face the principal tomorrow.
What will i do???
It wasn't my fault.
But why am i the accused???
I have no choice.
But to pass the report tomorrow.
To avail my good moral.
I have to do it.
Coz i'll be enrolling tomorrow.
It's my last chance in SPC.
Or else i can't school.
I must face the consequence.
I have to be strong and brave.
Please help me LORD.

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fun with cuzins


yesterday. may1

the story goes like this....

last april 30, 2008 we invited our relatives to comeover to our house for a thanksgiving dinner(too early?) hahahaha.. my aunt and her family together with my other 2 little cousins slept over in our house.

May 1, 2008. another ordinary thursday. my little cousins had their swimming pool party at out house!! hahaha... they had this portable little swimming pool filled with water and tada! they bathe like crazy. hehehe

but later that afternoon, our pipe bursted!!!! it was the fault of the truck driver who carelessly drove his way to our house... T_T

however, when my uncles and my father were fixing it we took a bath and played with the water (oooh... sorry mother earth) hahaahha.. we really had a great time. :D

i love to do that over and over again. I had some bonding time with my little cousins. They were so playful :D
see the video:

heeeep!! my story isn't finished yet..... that evening after my relatives went home.... the DCWD arrived to fix the broken water pipe... then while i was in the middle of watching the scenario, my brother asked me... "Ate ano yung ginagawa ng aso sa isang aso?"... when i looked at it. Ahahahahahahah!!!! i started to laugh so hard that my little brother started to be confused he kept on asking me why. I just said i don't know but i actually do. hahah the dogs were so horny! hahahaha thaht's why they had. you know :Dhahahhaha.... i took a pic of it though it wasnt so clear.
take a look:

hahaha... i just had a great time:D

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