improve cramming study habits

I wanted to blog something about studying right now because i have an exam in anatomy today and what the hell i am doing, when i am suppose to be studying now :D. hahaha How i am i suppose to inculcate the muscular,nervous,sensory and endocrine system in to my brain? haha easy. let me share my tips.

1. wake up early

i mean if you know you have a quiz or an exam the next day and you are very lazy to study the night before or weeks before(which is very true to me :D) wake up early. 3-4 hours ahead of time. Since they say our brain is fresh hahah after we woke up, information and data will be easily injected into our frontal lobe :D haha.

2. don't force yourself

if you don't want to study, well don't. simple as that. haha.. in psychology we have this principle of "Law of readiness" our brain would not function well if your are not in the condition to study. Forcing yourself would just give you head ache and its just a waste of time.

3. Condition yourself first

in relation to my 2nd tip, you must condition yourself first before you start studying. if you want to sleep before studying then go ahead. just make sure you don't abuse your time. :D. hahah

4. Don't panic

students usually panic for the fact that they did not study for a quiz or exam. (haha but not for me. i actually laugh it all off. ) guys, be calm. if you have not studied, well have faith with your stocked knowledge. if none, (haha) take a peek with your notes before the quiz or exam will start. refresh the concepts you've learned.

5. Listen

just listen to the teacher whenever she/he is teaching and everything will go on your way. you don't really have to study if you knew and understood the concepts and no need for cramming study habits :D

haha. i wish it would be effective for you :D coz it's really good for me. listen just listen. i just listen to my teacher whenever she/he teach us something even if i don't like the teacher, i just listen. That's why i don't worry if i did not study for an exam or quiz. hahaha...

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