Ok. i sort of pormised? or posted a week ago that i'll create a review about twilight.(what's the point? no one's reading my blog anyway.) well, back to the topic, ahm im sort of not in the mood. Besides I don't want to spoil the fun of reading plus i am really confused now. Actually i already finished reading twilight and new moon and i am currently hooked reading the first chapter of eclipse which is a part of the book, new moon, as a sneak preview. Well i'm still in doubt if i should continue reading eclipse on my copy from the internet. I prefer buying a copy of the book and reading it lying rather that sitting. My head just spins wildly when i stare too much on the monitor. One thing that keeps me anxious is that i'll be taking my midterm exams tomorrow! and yet i haven't studied any. I am really hopeless. I could see edward and bella when i try to study. So as my solution to my hallucinations. Perhaps i would just finish this first chapter on eclipse then i'm off to studying. wish me luck! haha

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Love. a troublesome feeling right?
i guess we already know what love is.
But do we know how to love?
Do we really know what perfect love means?

We really had a very interesting topic in psychology class today.
EMOTIONS. We had a debate "Love and Fear can we feel them both at the same time?"

think about it,.
have you ever felt that i love somebody yet i am afraid to lose that someone.

Each and everyone in the class has to choose their stand. Whether to agree or not to agree to the question. I chose not to agree. I firmly believed that Love and Fear can't be felt by someone at the same time. As the debate went on, the affirmative pointed out their side that you feel love in the beginning then there's a fear that overlaps or perhaps coincides with it. Yes, they've got a point. We answered back, what's the first thing you felt? isn't it love? However they rebutted, as the fear coincided, we felt it both at the same time. But we argued, it is a cause-and-effect. You love the person then the effect you feel fear if the person leaves you right? The affirmative side, cited an example that i love my parents that is why i fear to lose them, they questioned us that, " aren't we afraid to lose someone we love?" We answered back. NO. Another question from them, if you feel love then you feel the fear, does that mean the love stopped? We answered YES. we were actually losing the battle, even our teacher was arguing against us, the negative side. So I gave the final statement for our side and my classmate gave their final stament to the positive side.

Then our teacher discussed.


Yes! we were right, but our teacher wasn't impressed with our arguements. *sniff*

LOVE and FEAR are two different emotions afterall.
If you feel fear of losing someone you love, it just means that you didn't feel love to him/her from the very first place. You love the person for the sake of loving since the person gives you what you wish or fulfills something in your life that you need not what you lack of. To get to the point, let me define what is unconditional love. It's very basic, loving the person without asking for anything in return at all. You're afraid to lose the someone you love since you love the person? Definitely it's a false. You feared to lose the person you love cause the person has something you liked or wanted and you're afraid to lose it. That is being selfish. If you love someone, have you ever thought of reasons why you love him/her? If you can think of some, therefore it's not LOVE. Because when that reasons disappear would you still love that person? No is the answer. These reasons are somewhat comparable to strings; if these strings will be cut, your attachment to the person will definitely diminish. However, if you love a person and you do not know why, that is what you can call real LOVE. Since there are no reasons why you love the person, definitely there's no reason of fearing to lose the love and the person itself. When you love someone, LOVE THEM not for being who they are but FOR WHAT THEY CANNOT BECOME. A perfect love as described by my teacher is not because we have the same likes, dislikes, etc. and not because we are different upon everything. A perfect love is filling the lacking part of the person and the person fills what you lack of. When you love someone hold him/her loosely and when that person wants to leave, let go of him/her. That is love, letting the person you truly love find its true happiness.

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