ay nako.

pumunta ako sa aking alma mater.
things went fine until somebody arrived.
I don't know who s/he is. and i don't care!
get lost! p**a masyado ka!
feeler! eh ano ngayon kung masyadong
mataas ang position mo sa org na iyon?
nya madato ka ana?
murag si kinsa! kala mo sinong magaling!
BOGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ka!!!!!!!!!!!!!
as if ginadibdib ang mga natun.an niya sa org.
pa-feeler lang diay ang habol! pakamatay beh!
laos ka na! gets mo? LAOS ka na? yeah me too.
pero wag mo nang pilitin! gurang ka na please!
oh come on! ka-cheapan yang ginagawa mo!
bwisit na organization! iba ang naituturo!
wala bang maayos dyan??????????????
or baka mga BOGO lang jud sila!

ganito kasi yun. i was giving advices, den s/he interrupted!
ang putek! wala daw koi right!!!!!!!!!!!!
mas wala kay right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

di lang sana i-remember yung mga rules and regulations
but as well as yung mga values! courteous pa naman dapat!
the org is not talking about sa pa-astig!
have respect please!!!!!!!!!
nirespeto kita kahit di kita kilala!
kailangan ba dapat na every generation, kilala ka nila?
oh my god! please!
matuto kang lumugar!
wala jud koi labot nimo!
libaki jud ko sa akong atubangan! pota ka!
bastos ka masyado ba!
sana inisip mo muna yung ginawa mo.
para wala kang nasaktan.
hindi naman yan siguro tinuro ng parents mo na manakit ng tao!
please lang jud.

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describe myself starting with I.

I am god-fearing
I am happpy
I am bored
I am angry
I am a student
I am at SPC
I am living alone
I am a rover scout
I am a writer
I am photoshop addict
I am a narcissist
I am drop-dead gorgeous
I was just kiddin'
I am goofy
I am stupid
I am adventurous
I love nature
I love music
I play the piano
I play the guitar
I play the flute
I play the xylophone
I wish to play the drums
I love c2 lite
I have them stocked
I am artistic
I belive nothing of it
I was just trying to be humble hahaha
I love reading books
I learn from it
I want you to read "the giver by lois lowry"
I also want you to read " tuesdays with morrie by mitch albom."
I'm sure you won't regret!
I am online 24/7.
I am running out of words.
I am sure you didn't understand.
I am feeling nothing about it.
I was sure you think this is a crap
I don't care about it.
I just wanna thank you for reading this.
I'm sorry for taking much of your time.
I'll be happy if you also read the article beneath this.
I am so............

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know me.

What about me??
* i already posted this before. it was quite long... but i made it even longer now! hahahaha (evil laughs) i hope you read this.though it's a boring, stupid, melodramatic description of ME*

Uhmm. Im this kind of person whose totally RANDOM!I mean a 101%.
I don’t know why. I sort of adopt what is in. Heeeeeeeep! Wait! That doesn’t mean I actually those eeekie stuffs
Like drinking alcohol, smoking and whatsoever.
What I mean by being this so called in…
Is being able to adapt what my environment’s attitude is.
I mean uhm…If I’m placed in a situation I can easily blend to it.
Honestly, I am just very simple.
Basic things can satisfy and make me happy :D
I once belonged to a group of intellectually?-Gifted but idiotic-natured people called “ CREAM of the CRAP “.
They say it's the first section in cthi? well hmm... i guess but i don't feel that way.
I'm just lucky to pass the node exam(which i find useless hehe) and acquire the STRESS, PRESSURE and HUGE EXPECTATIONS from the advance subjects with different teachers.
I don't listen to the teachers, i don't study for exams, i pass projects late ,i skip classes, i come late to school everyday, i don't go to school when i feel like it, i even give false reasons to that! hahaha. BUT
Good thing I’m through with it. I actually GRADUATED from it ahahhaha… such an achievement.
I find KEKS hunting a very difficult yet worthwhile hobby
hahaha hahaha haha(that’s what makes me a BI)
I see to it that I can see one every day! Hahaha hahaha haha
(compliments to ena!!! She loves to introduce one whenever you want !).

Another side of me is kind of realistic ( ‘coz the other just plainly stupid I make my own world.) I’m an open-minded person.
I try to understand every person that comes in and out of my life… their problems, environment and attitude because that’s what makes them who they are. I do that basically because I don’t want to judge them. The truth is I’m afraid of being judged or I just want to appear neutral to everyone. I can’t help to fish compliments (I am very true to it) I just don’t know why. Maybe I just lack of it.I’m not so close to my family nor to anybody because as what I have said I want to appear neutral. BUT! I want to stand out! Yet I am afraid to do so T_T.
I am very addicted to movies tackling about natural calamities where in science has more input in it.I love 10.5 and 10.5 Apocalypse! I recommend those two movies. (watch it and you’ll know it). Aside from the latter reason, I just love those movies because I’m amazed by the courage of the rescuers. They actually risk their lives for others. A very good example of it is the Perfect Storm. I admire the navy, air force, military rescuers.I wanna be one Someday! I always dreamt of being the Doctor Soldier during wars!
but I do not hope wars to come! I wanna become a part of 911. (honestly). Haaay that was easy for me to tell about it but I’m actually a coward just thinking the challenges you encounter to attain it. I hate challenges. (*sigh*) NO! I don’t hate challenges but rather I hate failing the challenge. I’m afraid of failures, though I believe that can make me a better person…
Currently I am constructing a new or just let me say a better me!
A Jenny that speaks her own ideas.
A Jenny that fights for what she believes is Right.
And a coward Jenny that wants to prove something to create a change.

too much drama. T_T. hahaha

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my blog banner

it's akward i know :D hahaha
the original was supposed to be until my pic only.
but it looks stupid as a banner so i added some brushes.
i rushed it so thats how it looked like.
i still love it. :D

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photoshop fever.

i lurve photoshop :D
just amazing.
makes me go insane. :D
i'm still learning though. hahaha
but i love it.
i'll show you one of my animated
banner for my classmate, patrik,.
he asked for a favor to make him
a banner. well.. its my hobby.
so i agreed. :D.
here it is :

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