aspiring doctor in need

it's been decades since i made a post here. geez. i'm really lazy. I really wanted to put up a blog "a real earning blog" but then again i am too lazy.... I may be determined today then eventually i relapse, soo frustrating. i want to earn, i want to help my parents, i want to save money for my future in med school ( huh! as if i would be able to go). Darn it! i'm desperate i really want to go to a medschool. yeah i know it's too early to think about it since i'm a 2nd yr nursing student but i just want to vent out how i want to become a doctor so badly! I wanna be Dr. Jenny D. Pagaduan. the problem is.... right now, i know and i am sure that my parents cannot afford to send me to medschool especially not here in davao. i wanna study in manila or outside the country preferably in a good and prestigous school wherein i am assured that i will have the best education and would mold me into the best doctor that i can be. Another thing, though i know i have the intellect, i am not sure if i have the attitude. I am a sloth! i hate studying, which i know is a must as if i will enter medschool. But i am trying as hard as i can to study. hehe. no i actually don't try as hard yet. but i am still able to be in the dean's list with my habit. however, i know i can do a way lot better and i know my best asset is my reading habits. i love to read and information easily become inculcated into my brain's frontal lobe :D. damn it! i never wanted anything like this before! it's my dream! it's my goal as student to finish medicine. Another problem, if ever given a chance, i want to be a pediatrician or an ob-gyne or a surgeon! i can't choose between the 3. But i really wanna be a surgeon!! (i am just afraid)

Frankly speaking, i just wanna vent out my thoughts for today and if ever someone who can help me achieve my dreams found this post... Please please help me.. i have 2 yrs left in my "pre med course"(i guess) and i am desperate for any scholarships available and sponsorships. please please... ahhh geezzz... it's my first time to beg like this... so please help me... contact me ( please?

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