gugmang giatay

yati ra.

Am I really falling???

"I do believe i am falling for him but he doesn't bother catching me."

This must be stopped. grrr... He is a tumor that slowly occupies a huge space in my hypothalamus. oh gahd! I never met him, I never talked to him on the phone but why why am i falling for him? He diverts my focus from my academics to his stupid lies. My life has gone in shambles!!

However with him as my so-called inspiration,
(Is he really my inspiration? i don't think so). my 2009 started good. i mean really good :D i got the highest grades in my class in almost all the subjects, not to brag but this truth still didn't sink in my brain. I can't believe it with my zero study habit i could actually be on top. weee... *nuff said for that

With that start i don't want to ruin it anymore. I don't want him to be the reason why i am degrading in my academics. therefore i must get a grip i must hold on whatever it takes. *sigh* easy for me to tell. I tried before to build a wall between our communication and yet i am still the one who kept on climbing that wall to check him on the other side. What the hell is happening to me? It's torturing me! My world is so f*ucked up. I need moderation, balance and discipline! and oh another thing i gained weight during the break. shi*t. i'm on diet again. geezz.

(I just realized these three songs that consecutively played in my pc reminds me of him. coincidence maybe?)

i know i know my post is random. my thoughts are shuffled. i know i had grammatical errors and typos . but the what hell am i doing now when i am suppose to be creating my report in CRISTOLOGY.

can someone help me? this GUGMANG GIATAY kills me T_T.