i haven't been posting lately.
i had such a tiring week.
and i mean super tiring!!!
more than over fatigue.

so let me start it this way.
for almost 2 weeks i've been practicing
for the formal cheering competition
and i have been arriving home late.
mostly 12 midnight.
for 2 weeks of constant 6 hrs practice.
really sucks!
i won't join cheering again. grrr....
Intramurals wasn't fun for me due to this
practices. grrrr..

well. i could say our performance really suck!!
i swear. we committed major mistakes and we weren't
that syncronized. ewww!!!! nakakahiya talaga kami!
luckily we placed 2nd. whew!

the last day of intrams is really well uhm. superb.
HALE!!!! i love champ!!! weeee.....
well. that's it.
i can't tell anymore. hahah
words are running out of my mind...
haha.. i'm just blank. hahah