Ok. i sort of pormised? or posted a week ago that i'll create a review about twilight.(what's the point? no one's reading my blog anyway.) well, back to the topic, ahm im sort of not in the mood. Besides I don't want to spoil the fun of reading plus i am really confused now. Actually i already finished reading twilight and new moon and i am currently hooked reading the first chapter of eclipse which is a part of the book, new moon, as a sneak preview. Well i'm still in doubt if i should continue reading eclipse on my copy from the internet. I prefer buying a copy of the book and reading it lying rather that sitting. My head just spins wildly when i stare too much on the monitor. One thing that keeps me anxious is that i'll be taking my midterm exams tomorrow! and yet i haven't studied any. I am really hopeless. I could see edward and bella when i try to study. So as my solution to my hallucinations. Perhaps i would just finish this first chapter on eclipse then i'm off to studying. wish me luck! haha