twilight saga

Yey! I just finished the last book in twilight saga created by stephenie meyer.
So happy :D I just can't get the hell out of it. The series was very obsessive.
Bows to Stephenie for creating such a wonderful book. I just can't help falling inlove
to EDWARD CULLEN. hahaha and I envy Bella Swan Y_Y. hahaha.

Book 1: Twilight
  • Where the love story of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan started. Let me say, I really admire the love ofEdward to Bella. It was true, unconditional and very passionate. Bella on the otherhand was also truly inlove to Edward and I like her bravery to love a vampire. Two thumbs up to the author for having a different description for a vampire. Very unique, i love it.

Book 2: Newmon

  • A very devastating break up between the main characters. Edward left Bella and here goes Jacob the knight and shining armor who brought Bella back to life :D hahaa lol. The werewolves were also presented here, the mortal enemy of the vampires. The twist is Jacob is one of them. I found this book quite boring though. I hated it 'coz 3/4's of the book is about Jacob and Bella. hehehe. But the main characters had been together again at the last part. Their love for each other is very strong that they would die for each other. How sweet. :P

Book 3: Eclipse

  • I just really love this book. Very passionate, very enticing, very erotic :D hahaha. True, I just love this book. Since the book is not available to my ever favorite book store, National Book Store (hehehe), I printed a pdf file of the book :D (But I would still buy a book if it would be available). One thing I hated in the story is that Bella is inlove with Jacob!!!! grrr... poor edward. Though she loves Edward more, she is still inlove with Jacob. They even have a part where Bella asked Jacob to kiss her just to plead him to comeback after the fight. grrrr. Jacob took advantage of it and when Edward found about it, well i fell inlove with him more for being such a gentleman and being happy with bella's happiness. I wish boys would be like him too. :D

Book 4: Breaking Dawn

  • Bella and Edward got married!!! weee.. They even had a daughter, Renesmee. I am happy that Bella finally became a vampire too :D. They lived happily forever. hahahaha. This book is well uhm thrilling especially the climax. hahaha. I felt I was there too. Uhm I have to admit, i cried during the farewell part between edward and bella to their daughter. They thought it was over and they would die. My tears flowed as i was reading it T_T.

My Evaluation:

  • The series is often compared to the best selling witchcraft and wizardry series, Harry Potter. Well all I can say is, these two books are different. Yet, if i would uhm evaluate the plot of the story, it lacked actions, more the talking and it's quite redundant. But it's just my opinion. I still love the series :D

P.S. I can't wait for the movie!!! This coming November 21, 2008.