Happy Birthday to me

Happy Birthday to me!

hahaha i'm already 17!! A year more and I'll be 18! THE LEGAL AGE. well uhm I'm celebrating my birthday alone since I am currently living in a boarding house. Quite sad *sniff* 'coz it's my first time. Since I know that most of the college students are having a life away from their family, are celebrating their birthdays alone. I want to share tips how to celebrate alone. :D

tip no. 1

Take pictures!
yeah yeah it's quite hilarious but hey! it's your birthday, won't you want some remembrance to reminisce your birthday with you celebrating it alone? hahaha i'm sure you'd bring out huge smile on your face as you look on your pictures and to remember celebrating alone is not sad at all.

tip no. 2

Indulge your self into anything you like

If you can't have what you want everyday, give this day a break. oh c'mon today is your birthday! go and celebrate. In my case it's food :D. When it's not my birthday I'm on a diet, but today is the day when i was born, so I spoil myself to spaghetti and chocolates :D weee. So go for it! do it now! it's only a day :D

p.s. make sure you saved money to avoid financial crisis. hahaha

tip no. 3

Go Announce your Birthday!

It's really nice to see people's reaction to be shocked that you actually announced your birthday but they eventually end up greeting you anyway. haha. Greetings are huge factors that contribute happiness on your special day, you'll soon realize the more greetings you had the happier you are :D Oh yeah right as filipinos, when we know it's someone's b-day we tend to ask for a treat from the celebrant, but you could always say i'm bankrupt hahahaha.

tip no. 4

Buy yourself a gift

We experience situations that we wanted buy something that we've always like but we restrict yourself since it is quite costy; *pause and think* but the fact you can afford it then go for it! It's not bad to sometimes reward yourself for surviving a year of constant struggle on earth. Today is your day my dear, so make the best out of it!

tip no. 5


Ofcourse, after surviving another year why don't you reflect to the things you have done, accomplished. Things that failed you and what you wanted to do this new year of yours. Always remember to thank the Lord for all the blessings and guidance he has given to you and keep your faith to him strong as always :D

As long as everything you do is good and nobody will be hurt, go for your happiness! anyway, it's your birthday!

There is also an article regarding how to celebrate your birthday created by my former classmate and currently my blogmate :D I'm sure you'll like this to. here's the link: