bubble gum!


wait errr. let me think again......

NOO!!! i can't do it. ahahahahaha
i was just kidding :D hahahah

psychology!!! my ever favorite subject.
we had an activity yesterday regarding problem-solving.
we were tasked to bring bubble gums and match sticks as many as we can.
i had already figured it out before that we'll construct something out of those.
"Construct a house with a dimension of 5x3x5 in 5 minutes" whattt?????????
Perhaps my teacher was insane??? how are we suppose to create a house with that dimension with that short period of time???? then eventually we started. hahaahaha...
ewww! we have to chew the bubble gum first! it was a requirement! hahahah..... my classmate said " padamakanay nalang ta ani ron!" hahaha it was really disgusting! seeing the saliva? ewww!!! then we have to paste it on the match stick??? It was worst than crawling on the mud!
"times up!" my teacher even said before the time "you are not able to finish that better clean up your mess. " hahaha... we were not able to do anything. we got ZERO out of TWENTY like what we always get. hahahah it was too late when she said that we can use the boxes of our match sticks since its part of our materials. Yeah she got a point there! we were not really thinking. *sniff* oh well. that's part of history already...

lesson learned: THINK! and don't eat bubble gum. yuck! hahaha...

p.s. it was fun though :D hehehe