my twilight infatuation

like oh---eeemmm---geee!!!
i can't live without it!

ok fine i was exagerrating :P

hey! the book TWILIGHT by Stephenie Meyer was really exalted. impressive. splendid! and my god its really getting into my hypothalamus!!!!! weeeee... i feel inlove really inlove right now :D
wohooo!!! i want edward .hahahahha i wish i was bella :D hahahha i would really allow edward to bit me if he has to :D i wouldn't care at all. hahahaha...

so i haven't finished reading the book.grrrr. my science report is bugging me all the time. i can't concentrate reading.bullsh*t. So if i'm finshed reading the book, which is probably a few hours from now, i might create a review of that book :D hahaha... i loved it! i'm planning to buy the next book, NEW MOON. can't wait to have it :D