Sudden remorse

"Things get worse" it's true. I woke up today very happy but then i suppose i'll sleep in grief. Thanks to my high school batchmates; they gave me this wierd feeling of excitement then grief. It just simply shows we didn't had the unity as a section. oh well. that's part of life :D I wish we will have the chance to bond since we're already in different colleges. i hate to compare but i'm already loving my current cirlce of classmates. we had this strong bond and unity though we're only 3 months aquainted. IV-ABAD SANTOS i really miss you all :D


Ena :) said...

nyahaha jenny. ok ra na. ana jud na. *reality check*

patricio.el.suplado said...

whaa jen!

just read this article.

im one of those na tumangging sumama.


because of the simple reason n i know it will only be a few from our section ang mag particp8. so its like.. whats the point?


well, here's hoping for a future gathering.. hehe..

JENNY said...

yeah yeah pat. kasi lahat iniisip nyo na konti lang ang magpunta. yan tuloy walang magpunta. what's your point talaga. kakainis talga ang abad bah.