how lucky i am

haven't you realize how lucky we are to be able to live freely in this world?????????

me? I already did.

I thank the Lord for giving me this opportunity. :D It started when i looked for signs and symptoms of leukemia. ( i thought i had) when i opened a certain article related to leukemia.
It was about the hairy leukemia etc.. then it cited an event that happened around 1970's


I started to search about him. i was curious.
he was born with SCID, Severe Combined Immune Deficiency . or he was like born without an immune system.
from the time he was born, he was immediately placed in a plastic bubble.
the air inside it was filtered air, and everything in it was sterilized.
for 12 years, he lived inside a plastic bubble.
yes he could play with his friends but rather he was still isolated inside the bubble.
as he grew older, his psychologist can observe him being very angry at his situation. and wouldn't tell his feelings anymore to anyone.
Well, what can you expect? living very isolated from everyone else is very depressing.

Living all your entire life away from germs.
Living all your entire life as the research subject for the mad scientists?
Living all our life following very strict guidelines and procedures?
Living your entire life without even experiencing hugging your family?
David lived all but the last few weeks of his life without ever having human contact
It's very pathetic.

yet David courageously fought for his life for 12 years in the bubble.
in pictures, you could see in his eyes how lonely, sad, depressed and alone he was.
he was so (i can't think of a right term). I wish i could and comforted him in his melancholy and anxiety.
I wish i could and created something for him. But i believe he is happy right now up above.
David lived from 1971-1984.

having read about his life, i was dumbstruck!
i was so numb not even realizing how lucky i am!
i can live my life to the fullest!
i can still recall that david's last wish was to drink a coke
and that wasn't even allowed.

i am very greatful for the blessings and this life God has given to me.
And i really recommend you to read his lifestory and realize how beautiful life is!



rene said...

shocking_____impossible but true !