describe myself starting with I.

I am god-fearing
I am happpy
I am bored
I am angry
I am a student
I am at SPC
I am living alone
I am a rover scout
I am a writer
I am photoshop addict
I am a narcissist
I am drop-dead gorgeous
I was just kiddin'
I am goofy
I am stupid
I am adventurous
I love nature
I love music
I play the piano
I play the guitar
I play the flute
I play the xylophone
I wish to play the drums
I love c2 lite
I have them stocked
I am artistic
I belive nothing of it
I was just trying to be humble hahaha
I love reading books
I learn from it
I want you to read "the giver by lois lowry"
I also want you to read " tuesdays with morrie by mitch albom."
I'm sure you won't regret!
I am online 24/7.
I am running out of words.
I am sure you didn't understand.
I am feeling nothing about it.
I was sure you think this is a crap
I don't care about it.
I just wanna thank you for reading this.
I'm sorry for taking much of your time.
I'll be happy if you also read the article beneath this.
I am so............